1. Database Applications
  2. Personal Computer Technology
  3. Services for Businesses
  4. Network Solutions
  5. Computer Consulting & Repair Services
  6. Software & Adaptive Aid Training
  7. Web Design & Hosting
  8. Adaptive Solutions for the Blind & Visually Impaired
  9. Disability Awareness & Sensitivity Training

Our goal is to meet and even exceed your expectations.

We understand that serving you is the only reason we' are here. The Solid Rock is built on the reputation of, "If we cannot help you or fix your problem, you do not pay for the service." Do you know ANY other computer companies who dare to make that claim?

You are welcome to contact us for further details.

Database Applications built to order

  • Bakery Management software.
  • Bread Jobber Routing software with multiple routes and trucks
  • Landscaping scheduling for one or more teams
  • Cloud backup and crash protection
  • Onsite and remote support available 24/7
  • Several other Database applications already programmed.

Comprehensive Personal Computer Technology

  • All Personal Computer Hardware and accessories pricing is available.
  • Software sales can be facilitated.
  • Upgrades are sold and installed.
  • Installation of ALL hardware and software products.
  • Integration of new equipment with existing infrastructure.

Services for Businesses Large & Small

  • Determine your need for a computer-based system including both hardware and software as well as portable devices;
  • Check your need for Network equipment expansion

Network Solutions

  • Servers and networks installed and maintained
  • We can provide wiring and wireless solutions.
  • Firewalls, SPAM Traps and other infrastructure enhancements.

In-Home Computer Consulting & Repair Services

In-home and depot services are available for the following items:

  • Repair of Windows based personal computers and laptops
  • Diagnostic & repair of virus & spyware and all other mal ware (removal)
  • Diagnostic & repair with backup of your data
  • Diagnostic & repair with addition of virus & spyware protection
  • Diagnostic & repair with soft or hardware upgrade
  • Basic computer checkup

Software & Adaptive Aid Training

  • Training is done in an orderly, professional manner by experienced trainers with the patience needed to facilitate learning.
  • All major software company products are taught on a regular basis.
  • Private, as well as class instruction, can be provided.

Web Design & Hosting

  • Determine customer’s Web Page Design.
  • Access Server needs and projected Web focus.
  • Host Web ‘real estate’ and manage throughput.
  • Facilitate all areas of Domain registration / renewal and maintenance.
  • Host and protect eMail from SPAM, virus and other threats.

Adaptive Solutions for the Blind & Visually Impaired

  • Instruction in All adaptive modalities, including Large Print, Speech and Braille, are available.
  • Software and hardware recommendations to create an accessible work, home office or school site.
  • If necessary, satisfy ADA compliance issues with the client.
  • Determine need for & ability to use a system including both hardware, software and portable devices;
  • Assess the need for computer equipment at work, home or school for a visually impaired, blind or otherwise disabled person; Including need for and ability to use low tech devices, i.e. Closed Circuit TV, lighting and contrast, keyboard templates, etc.

Disability Awareness & Sensitivity Training

  • Who Are People with Disabilities/Activity Limitations?
  • Visible vs. Hidden Disabilities
  • Disability and Culture
  • Functional Limitations and Aging
  • The Diversity of Disability
  • Health Care Disparities
  • Hassle Factors when Accessing Health Care
  • Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • What Does Access “Look” Like?
  • referred Terminology
  • Communication Tips
  • Provider Resources