1. Mission
  2. Vision
  3. Warranty


To provide our customers with the highest quality products and services at a fair and reasonable price. Our goal is to meet and then exceed your expectations!


To see people from all backgrounds and abilities have the same access to computers, including those who may have a physical or visual impairment.


The agreement entered into by SOLID ROCK when you hire our services, spells out the responsibilities on both parts. We communicate what we are doing every step of the way, as to ensure you are satisfied and happy with the end result.

1) SOLID ROCK is committed to doing the work needed to make your computer run without software or hardware error. These errors will be identified and corrected at either your location or, on occasion and with your approval, at our location. At times, SOLID ROCK may ask to log into your computer and make the needed changes without actually coming to your location. This will only be done with your prior approval.

2) Work will be done in a timely manor and at mutually convenient scheduling.

3) You will be completely satisfied with the work done and will be convinced that any problem you asked to be corrected has been corrected by the time SOLID ROCK is finished working on your computer or other associated components or by some other date SOLID ROCK has specified. Payment for these services are as follows: On-site service is billed with a two(2) hour minimum. Phone support is billed with a 10 minute minimum.

4) Suspension of services: You have the right to suspend our services and not pay for the outstanding amount if, for any reason, you do not believe you were treated with honor and respect or you do not believe SOLID ROCK fulfilled the specific service SOLID ROCK was hired to perform. SOLID ROCK reserves the right to suspend services for lack of prompt payment.

5) Accountability and Refunds: This business is built on our integrity and good reputation. Therefore, SOLID ROCK is accountable to you to make sure you are satisfied with the work done and the amount paid. If there arises a situation in which SOLID ROCK cannot determine the reason for, or correct a hardware or software problem, SOLID ROCK will not ask for payment. Therefore, refunds are not normally necessary.

If, after SOLID ROCK has been paid for a completed job (meaning that at the time you were satisfied) and it is determined that SOLID ROCK did not correctly identify or actually correct the problem, you are entitled to a refund. You will be given one half of the dollar amount paid or one half of the time spent as a refund. This will be refunded at our discretion. If SOLID ROCK decides to refund the time, you will be given services equivalent to one half the time paid for, free of charge.